Sunday, November 29, 2009

I just returned yesterday from Narita, Japan, which is where all Tokyo flights land.   It is still about a 1 hour train ride into Tokyo,  but we layover near the airport.
We left on Thursday morning at 10:10 am and flew for 13 hours. With the 15 hour time difference between Dallas and Tokyo, we landed Friday afternoon about 3pm.  So much for Thanksgiving Day!
I was so tired when I arrived at the hotel that I went to bed early and didn't wake up till the next morning.  After breakfast it was time to get dressed and head back to the airport for the 11 hour flight home. That's the part I don't like about flying to Japan.  There simply isn't enough time to see any of the city or it's surrounding area and still get enough rest.
The area surrounding our hotel  is heavily forested with both evergreen and deciduous trees.   The maples are in their fall glory right now, and the brilliant reds and golds mixed in among the green is spectacular.  I can see the top of the main temple in Narita above the line of trees.  I would love to rent a car and drive around the countryside.
Our hotel has a Koi pond outside the glass walls of the lobby restaurant.  The banks are lined with the brightly colored Japanese maples and the pond is full of about 40 colorful fish.  It was breezy on Saturday morning and and the wind was rippling the water.   A young Japanese couple, bundled against the cold, where feeding the eager fish.  I had forgotten my camera so I can't share, but I took a mental picture to keep the beautiful scene for myself.
We left Narita at 1:00pm on Saturday afternoon and arrived at DFW at 9:00am on Saturday morning.  Somewhere in my mind  a minor rebellion is going on.  I already did Saturday, I don't want to do it again!
My mind is foggy and I am going to lose this day to sleepy uselessness.
I am going to be flying to Paris in December.  I am looking forward to it, since I haven't been for several months.  I love the gray days of Paris in winter.......and flying to Europe doesn't mess with my body clock so much.  Note to self:  Don't forget your camera!

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funkyneal said...

Look at YOU! I am so proud of you for writing it down. I'm always threatening to do the same, but you actually did it. Look forward to seeing Paris thru your eyes, Dear!
Merry Christmas