Wednesday, January 13, 2010

A Paris Market Street

We arrived in Paris on time and I was ready to hit the streets running. The snow had come and gone, leaving a white covering over the city.  It was colder than it has been, but there was no wind and little percipitation.  There was only an occasional frozen droplet falling.

I wanted to explore the street markets in the 13th arrondissment, so I confered with Florence, the very knowledgeable concierge at our hotel.  I learned that the Sunday markets all close at 1pm and it is already 11am.  She also said that many of the vendors might not be there, or might close early because of the weather.

She recommended a market street that I wasn't familiar with called Rue Daguerre.  She said that there
would be all the  items that I was looking for.

The street was actually within walking distance,
but I purposely save my feet and legs for the most
interesting areas.   I took the Metro to Denfert-Rochereau.  The entrance to the street is easy to find because of the cafe on the corner with the same name as the street itself.  I will have a glass of wine there after I am finished with my shopping, but now I am racing the clock.

The street was crowded with shoppers and the most popular shops had lines inside and people lined up outside, despite the freezing temperatures.
This seemed to be the most popular bakery, and I purchased a loaf of bread with walnuts, to go with my cheese and honey.

The large cheese shop near the street entrance has a kiosk in the front with many cheeses, and inside were many more cheeses and and their accompaniments.  I settled for two cheeses to enjoy while I am here, and one cheese to take home with me.

My next stop was the honey store. The young man who ran the store was delightful.  He knew all about the products, had honey samples available, and spoke excellent English.

The artisan honey and the pharmaceutical honey products are made by Famille Mary. There are many health and beauty products which are purported to have healing and preventative benefits.  I don't know about the health claims, but I can definitely vouch for the wonderful flavors of their honey.

I decided to purchase 6 small jars of different varieties.  I like honey that is a bit less sweet, so I chose rosemary, thyme, linden, eucalyptus, chestnut and a blend from the pyranees mountains. I also purchased a large jar of my favorite flavor, which is  dark, thick and creamy with hints of pine, called "forests of Italy".

There were several fresh fruit markets and I purchased some huge cherries and and a fresh orange.  I can only purchase what I can eat, since fruit can't be taken back into the USA

There are several deli-type shops with various pates and cold meats, and also a few shops with warm foods to take out, mostly moroccan and/or meditteranean dishes.

I love the stockings that French women wear, and I had to take a look in the stocking shop.  Fun!

My last stop was the chocolate shop!  To me, nothing compares with the beauty and artistry of French chocolates.  My mouth starts to water as I look at the lovely displays in the window, and once I enter the shop, the rich aroma overwhelms me.  I am in heaven.

As the shops begin to close for the day, I sit in the Cafe Daguerre sipping a glass of wine and shamelessly people watching.  It has been a wonderful day and a successful shopping trip.  I know that I will return here often.

 At our hotel I always ask for a window facing the street.  This area is mostly residential, with a school across the street and  many apartment buildings.  This week I am on the 12th floor and I can see the dome of the Abbaye du Val-de-Grace, the Pantheon and, in the distance, Sacre-Coeur.  When I return there I sit by the window and watch Paris life unfold around me.  The school yard empties, the street comes alive with pedestrians, the Metro fills with commuters, and the lights begin to come on in the homes.  I relax with another glass of wine and dine on the feast I have put together during my day on the Rue Daguerre.


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gnesbittcmII said...

Someday I must travel to your favorite place "Paris". Your insight makes me want to catch the first plane there. Love the pictures, you must show me how to put in the beautiful pics of Paris. It seems like so much fun.
Promise me, we will have to share this trip together

Best in Health,

Ms. G