Wednesday, April 28, 2010

I love London in the spring, when all the trees and flowers are blooming, so I choose to fly there for my second trip of the month.  My friend Patti was on the trip with me.  We had enjoyed London together at Christmastime 2008, so we were looking forward to seeing the parks and gardens in bloom.  We arrived to the most perfect day you could imagine.  It was pleasantly warm and the sun was shining.

We decided to head out without a nap, so we could make the most of the daylight.  We headed to the Gloucester Road Tube for a ride to Picadilly Circus.  We had lunch on Heddon Street at Piccolino. I have eaten there many times, and I love the atmosphere and the sophistocated Italian menu.

There are several great restaurants on this street including the Absolute Icebar, another favorite of mine

I think it was spring break in London, because the streets were crowded with families out shopping and dining. We did a bit of shopping ourselves, stopping at Whittard's of Chelsea, where we both purchased a hand-painted "Tea with the Queen" mug, and sampled some warm cider.  I don't know why but in the photo in the following link the words are backwards.  Did they photograph it in a mirror?

I have always said that I enjoy eating my way across a city, and we were hungry for dessert now. We stopped at Caffe Concerto, a divine pastry shop on Regent Street.  Notice the cakes on display in the window in the background.

Patti had a delicious pear pastry, and I just had to have a
scone, with clotted cream and marmalade.  I also took one
back to the hotel to have with my tea in the morning.

After coffee and dessert, we were ready to head to St. James Park to see the flowers and birds.

Many of the flowers were just starting to open, but others were in full bloom. They do such a beautiful job of planting the seasonal varities and colors is gorgeous patterns in the flower beds.

The Horse Guards Parade was beautiful against the background of the blue skies, white clouds and the London Eye across the Thames.  Read a bit about the history of the grounds, which have been in use since the 17th century and were used for tilting during the time of Henry VIII.

This photo doesn't do justice to the brilliant colors of the daffodils, and the blossoms on the cherry trees.

It was getting late and the Pelicans were beginning to roost on their islands and the ducks we nesting in the grass.

We took the Tube back to Gloucester Road and went across the street to a little cafe called Patisserie which I like. They have a small raised balcony where I like to perch with a glass of wine and enjoy the superb people watching, as the sun sets  and  Londoners make their way home, or head out for the evening.

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Patti said...

This is so wonderful Marianne...thanks for the memories