Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Setting Sail

We landed in Honolulu, ready for our sunset sail.  I had made reservations for three of us, and we were all excited about our cruise. We were prepared with cash, and left the hotel in time to be among the first on board.

Gary had decided to try and join us, but the cruise was full.
He was #1 on the waiting list, so Christy, Wendy and I
boarded, and hoped that Gary would be joining us soon.

It was a beautiful evening and the water was
full, as usual, of swimmers, kayakers,
paddleboarders, sailors and surfers.

We were all thrilled when Gary finally joined us,

our boat left shore

and began to make it's way out into the bay.

After we passed the first breakwater,
the sails were raised

Our Captain/host "Bear" briefed us on safety of voyage issues.

He was pretty humorous, and the FAA probably would not have approved.

Fortunately, they do not have jurisdiction out here.

The views of the shoreline were just breathtaking,

The wind was blowing strong,

music was playing,

         people were dancing and chatting,

 and our pilot was "hanging loose",

as the sun went lower in the sky

and began to set.

We all had a really wonderful time, and will
probably do it again in the future.

On one of my next trips I plan on going out with my friend, Chris, on his kayak again.  I bought a waterproof camera, and I'm hoping for some even more spectacular photos.

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