Friday, September 17, 2010

Paddle Boating

I'm back in Honolulu and flying with a great crew, including my friend Ron.  He writes a wonderful blog about his travels at 
He is famous among his friends for his photos of his feet around the world.  You never know where Ron's feet might show up.

Here they are on Waikiki Beach.  

We met some of our crew at the Top of Waikiki for $4.00 Happy Hour,

appetizers and, of course,

my favorite steak on a rock.

I got back to my room just in time to watch the fireworks display from my balcony.

The next morning, Ron and I set out to go paddle boating at Fort DeRussy Beach, posing along the way with Diamond Head behind us.

We rented our paddleboat and got the hang of manuevering it.  Compared to kayaking, you do a lot more work, for a lot less result.  We were also restricted to a certain area, and couldn't go out as far you can in your own kayak.

But it was fun to be out amid all the activity,

looking back at the beach.

I had purchased a waterproof camera, and the photos aren't that great, but it recorded the memory for us.  And I got a shot of Ron's feet with Diamond Head.

After our paddle, we went to the Hilton Hawaiian Village and the Tropics Bar and Grill for some lunch.

Seems like we had worked up an appetite.

We walked through the Rainbow Bazaar, 

window shopping and enjoying the artwork.

The Rainbow Tower rises above the Hilton Hawaiian Village,

and over the Lagoon on the opposite side.

I think this lagoon is an excellent spot to try my hand at paddle boarding on a future trip. I'll be flying London next month, so for now I am saying "Aloha" to Honolulu.    

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