Monday, May 24, 2010


I went to California in April to attend the wedding of Alisha Cochran and Greg Fliss.  Alisha is the daughter of one my dearest friends. Gail and I have been friends for 35 years, seen each other through many of life's joys and sorrows, and watched as our daugthers grew up to be the lovely women that they are.

I was in Gail's wedding, all those years ago, and she was in mine the same year.  Alisha was in Amanda's wedding in 2007.........and this April, Amanda was in her's.

The bride was as gorgeous as a bride dreams she will be........

The wedding took place at the classic Parker Hotel in Palm Springs, a fantasy setting for a beautiful ceremony.

I arrived in Orange County a week before the wedding and spent a few days staying at Gail's beautiful home.
Despite the commotion in the house with the final wedding preparations taking place, I enjoyed some quality personal time.

I have always loved Gail's house, but what makes it special are all the personal touches she has added over the last 30 some years they have lived there.  The house is old spanish style, on a hillside, with a huge deck on the upper story, and twelve levels of garden, lawn and flowered terraces leading to the pool at the bottom.  I would not have felt any more surrounded by luxury if I had been staying at a five star resort (well, maybe the masseuse.........)

In typical Gail "attention to detail" elegance, I was greeted with a tray on the wet bar of  my suite,
which contained cut crystal glasses, decanters and a vase of fresh roses.  One of the decanters was filled with water, the other with Agavero, a favorite liqueur of mine. Thoughtful, gracious, loving girlfriend!

Each morning I took my coffee to the private terrace outside my rooms and basked in the the beauty of the garden.

A rooster crowed in the distance, the sun shone, and the birds sang.  A hummingbird came to sample the nectar of the flowers on the wall.  What a beautiful way to welcome the day. 

I spent one day with my sister, enjoyed the garden she has cultivated around her home and had dinner with family at
a charming little bistro where the waiters speak
French and the food is just as authentic.

Amanda and Anders enjoying Cafe Beaujolais.

On Thursday morning, Gail's husband, Mike, packed up the car for our drive from Orange County to Palm Springs.  It was definitely a "Beverly Hillbillies" moment (well, except for the Cadillac).  I wasn't sure where I was supposed to fit in here, but it all worked out.

For the next three days we ate, drank, enjoyed family and friends, and celebrated the wedding.   The wedding reheasal dinner was in a private garden room at Spencer's Restaurant.  We were surrounded by flowers, lavished with great service and wonderful food.

The reception followed the ceremony on the beautiful grounds of the Parker Hotel.  The mother and father of the bride smiled contentment.........

The beaming bridal couple radiated love and happiness.

May the joy last a lifetime.

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