Monday, May 31, 2010

London in May

My first two trips to London in May I had 49 hour layovers, instead of our usual 24 hour layover.  It is a real treat to have enough time to be a tourist,  and to get plenty of rest as well.  I thought about taking the train to Brighton on the second day, but it really wasn't beach weather.  The prospect of spending 2 days just wandering around London was much more appealing to me.

After we arrived, I slept for a couple of hours, then headed out to see some sights and get some dinner.

I wanted to end up at Piccolino, but I didn't want to take my usual route to Piccadilly Circus and up Regent Street.  Instead I took the tube to Oxford Circus, and strolled along Oxford Street.

I turned south and strolled through Soho Square Garden, down several colorful street toward Charing Cross Road.

On the corner of Charing Cross and Shaftesbury is the Palace Theatre, where Priscilla Queen of the Desert is playing.  I think
I am going to have to make time to see this show.

I saw this beautiful couple walking toward Leicester Square.
I imagine that they were heading out to dinner and the theatre.

I walked down Shaftsbury to Piccadilly Circus, then up Regent to
Heddon Street and Piccolino.  

I have enjoyed everything that I have ever eaten here , but my 
very favorite dish is their chicken livers on toasted bread with green grapes and pine nuts in  merlot sauce.  

There are many great restaurants on Heddon Street,
including the Absolut Ice Bar, another favorite stop
of mine.

Today I decided to sit outside at another
Italian restaurant on the street, a small,
cozy place called La Locanda.

I sipped a lovely limoncello, and watched as people passed by enjoying the evening.

I headed back to my hotel, and made a stop at Waitrose, a market around the corner by the Gloucester Road Tube Station.

I especially like the ham in the UK.  There are so many varieties from different regions, and I love sampling them all.  The young woman working in the deli was nice enough to let me snap a photo of her as she was slicing my ham.

The flower shop next to the station was still open,
as I walked by.

I headed to bed to rest up for tomorrow and more adventures in London.

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