Sunday, October 17, 2010

Views of London

I have spent a couple of quiet trips in London, just wandering around the neighborhoods. 
I have had a room on the top floor of the hotel, with a wonderful panorama of the city.

Just watching the changing light over the city is a pleasure.  The sky was gray when I first arrived,

changed to a vivid blue,

then a glorious gold washed over the scene.

In the foreground of the photo below you can see the Natural History Museum
Admission here is free, and I sometimes walk over for breakfast or lunch.  They have several great restaurants, and you can browse whichever exhibit interests you, before or after a meal.  The architecture of the building is alone worth the trip.

The white tower behind the Natural History Museum is the Victoria and Albert Museum.

This museum also has magnificent architecture, constructed over time using several different styles from different periods.  There is a great restaurant inside, and admission is free. 

The Science Museum is in the same area, free admission, hands-on displays, and a fantastic childrens floor worth borrowing a kid for.

One trip I had a lovely view of St. Jude's Church.
If you click on the photo and enlarge it, you can spy on two rooftop gardens.

This church ceased to be used several years ago, and I despaired that it was falling into ruin.

The church is truly beautiful

with intriguing architectural details

and beautiful grounds and gardens. 

I was so pleased to see scaffolding around it on my last trip, and I've been told that it will become a school, I believe of theology.  It will be interesting to watch the progress.

On my last trip I ate at a restaurant that I had been hearing about from fellow crewmembers. They have a set menu for 10 pounds, with 3 courses of your selection.

I loved the cozy atmosphere,

and the very friendly staff.  The food was
really excellent.  I chose a chicken liver
appetizer, and a lamb wellington entree.

I had to take my apple tart with me, and
enjoyed it for breakfast with my coffee
the next morning.

Near our hotel is a wonderful French bakery called Paul.  I was so pleased when they opened in London.
Everytime that I come here, I make sure that I stop in for a rhubarb tarte.  It is wonderfully tart and tasty,
and, with a frothy latte, the ideal pick-me-up when I arrive after a long flight and want to keep going.

One more thing that I truly love about London is the variety of people you meet, and the many types of food that are available.  So many ethnic groups and nationalities blend and always make it an interesting adventure.
Many of the young people who work in the restaurants are from other countries.  Some are in London to attend school, other to work and/or get a better command of the English language.  I always enjoy chatting with them and hearing their stories.

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