Monday, March 14, 2011

Costa Rica

In March I had a trip to San Jose, Costa Rica.  What a beautiful country this is.  The air is fresh, the mountains visible in the clear skies, and all the plants are green and/or blooming....and it stays this way mostly year round!

We stay at the Marriott San Jose, a hacienda style hotel, where the adobe roof and the dovecotes  are part of the charm.  The review below will tell you a bit about it.

San José - Costa Rica Marriott Hotel
The first Marriott in Costa Rica was the ‘Costa Rica Marriott Hotel’, located in the country’s capital San José. This majestic hotel is set on a flourishing 30-acre coffee plantation, a beautiful hacienda that captures the elegance of the 16th century.  It’s an ideal hotel for both, business and adventurous Costa Rica vacation, where guests can enjoy a combination of luxury, comfort and natural beauty.
The Costa Rica Marriott Hotel was voted as one of the best hotels in Central America and Mexico.

I snagged the photo above from the company website.  Click on the link for more hotel information.

Everything about the hotel is charming, including the old wooden doors to each room.  Like any Marriott,  the beds are well appointed and very comfortable.

I tried to research more history about this hotel, since it looks like it really could have been an old hacienda that was converted.  Nothing was available about it's past before the the Marriott, so I am assuming that it was built to look like this.

This is the beautiful view from the patio where breakfast is served,

and these are the tables where you can sit and enjoy.

They have the best breakfast of any hotel I have stayed at.  They have made-to-order omelettes, many other warm and cold accompaniments and side dishes, creamy yogurt, assortments of warm breads, and the best fruit anywhere.

And, of course, the Costa Rican coffee. Que Rico!

The pool area is always inviting, but we leave too early in the morning to really enjoy it.  A Costa Rican vacation is up there somewhere high on my list, and it will include a couple of nights to stay and enjoy this hotel.

The link below is a great travel blog from a family who stayed here and explored the surrounding area by car.  It contains some wonderful photos and decribes a daytrip to the La Paz Waterfall.

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I had a few hits on my blog thanks to sharing my link. I appreciate you doing that. I hope you had a great time in Costa Rica, we'd sure love to go back. I'm going to follow your blog and keep up with you in the future. Please do likewise. We're trying to find other people that have good travel ideas.