Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Come Whatever May

In April I was on reserve.  That means that I only fly when the company needs me, usually at the last minute.  This can be a good thing, but can sometimes be challenging for packing.  You can have as little as two hours to get yourself dressed and to the airport, so I keep two suitcases  at home that are packed and ready to go.

I pack one suitcase with a Hawaiian/Caribbean wardrobe, and one with warmer clothing for Europe/Japan.  Then you have to consider whether it is summer or winter in South America, where the seasons are the opposite of ours in North America.  When I first began flying (many, many years ago)  I once misunderstood an assignment and ended up in winter in Dayton, Ohio (not Daytona Beach, Florida) with only a bikini and a sarong.  I haven't repeated that mistake!

For my first trip in April, I answered the call, grabbed my smaller suitcase and headed to Honolulu where the weather and surf were perfect for watersports.   Today I was too tired to kayak, so I lazily spent the afternoon swimming and playing in the water.

My room this trip was in the back of the hotel, with a view of the mountains, and St. Louis Heights.  Some low clouds moved in through the mountains toward evening and it got a bit cooler.

I walked over to HI Steaks and brought one of their delicious plates back to my room.  I sat out on my balcony and enjoyed sliced steak, a big scoop of brown rice and a salad.  Delicious.

I had stopped briefly at Rock Island Cafe to get a creamy milkshake at their old fashioned soda fountain.
It is a fun place, filled with memorabilia, both on display and for sale.  I like to go there for pizza and their
delicious soda fountain items.


It is located in King's Village, whose entrance was just below my balcony.  It is a unique shopping center, with many interesting shops and several restaurants.  Rock Island Cafe is at the entrance to King's Village, the red roof in the photo below.  A statue of Elvis greets you at the door.


There is also a museum of the King's Guard on the ground floor.  The King's Guard is a drill team that
preserve the history of the 1800's in Hawaii.  Hawaii has the only royal palace on US soil, and the uniforms of the Guard are replicas of those worn by the guards of the palace of King David during that era.  Each day at 6:15pm the King's Guard perform a Changing of the Guard and flag lowering ceremony, followed by a  drill exhibition at Kings Village.


The view of St. Louis Heights was beautiful at night.  My daughter lived there several years ago, and I have often enjoyed the view of Honolulu from her lanai.  Now I enjoy the opposite view.

The next day I had coffee in the rocking chairs on the porch of the Mauna Surfrider.  It wasn't very crowded, so I had the porch to myself, where I enjoyed the blue sky and the swaying palm trees.

We fly back to the mainland tonight.  I wonder where my next trip will take me?

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