Monday, December 14, 2009

I hope that everyone is enjoying the holidays as much as I am.
I am one of those people who loves the Christmas season, and everything about it.
I always work my scheduled flying so that I can spend  December traveling to one of my favorite cities.  Last year it was London, this year it is Paris. That doesn't mean that I don't enjoy getting out to see my own city.
Downtown Dallas is living up to it's potential more each year.  The window displays at Neiman Marcus are not only beautiful, they are interactive this year.  Check it out here
From Neiman's you can stroll down Main Street past the festive light displays to the large tree in Pegasus Plaza.   I think that the perfect way to end the evening is with a warm drink on the top floor of Iron Cactus  overlooking the downtown scene.
I usually start my own  decorating the day after Halloween.  Since I am not at home for about half of  the month, I like to decorate early so that I have time to savor the season.

I have been a little slow getting started this year, but now I am enjoying the enchantment of the season in my own home.  Click on the link below the photo if you want to share more of  "My Christmas" with me.

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